Modernize Corrosion
Prevention and Control

Use our patented monitoring systems to confidently and quickly make decisions based on reliable data.

Acuity’s novel monitoring systems deliver unprecedented access to corrosivity data

Instead of subjective and visual inspections or periodic measurements of mass loss, maintainers and engineers are empowered to confidently and quickly make decisions using continuous, quantified measurements.

Solutions by market

Materials and Processes

For optimizing accelerated test conditions, and for assessing materials performance during test, Acuity systems are mounted on outdoor test fixtures, inside laboratory test chambers, and directly on assets in service.

Maintenance Programs

For condition-based maintenance applications, Acuity systems mount directly onto structures and subsystems to monitor local corrosivity throughout the lifetime of the asset.

Solutions by Industry

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Justify the need for inspections and maintenance actions using environmental severity and corrosivity data from the aircraft, preventing unnecessary time-based inspections while detecting early onset of corrosive conditions within the airframe.


Acuity systems are used to assess corrosion risk for new vehicle design and the introduction of new materials.

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Acuity’s continuous corrosion monitoring can detect corrosion early on, allowing you to take preventative measures and mitigate potential risks to ensure the safety and longevity of your infrastructure, equipment, and materials.

Why Acuity?

For Maintenance Programs

Data-driven Maintenance
Justify the need for visual corrosion inspections based on actual environmental exposure

Early Detection
Detect corrosive conditions throughout an airframe to identify early onset of corrosion

Aircraft Tracking
Analyze how sorties or operations drive corrosive conditions in the aircraft

Full Suite of Corrosion Parameters
Isolate environmental factors which are causing corrosion and degradation of aircraft systems

For Materials & Processes

Environmental Monitoring
Continuously record the environmental conditions that drive corrosion during accelerated and outdoor tests to enhance confidence when interpreting results

Severity Classification
Determine the cumulative severity of any environmental exposure using a common metric

In Situ Coatings Testing
Accelerate testing times and reduce the burden of panel preparation and analysis using continuous and quantified measurements of performance

Continuous Corrosion Rates

Improve assessments of corrosion performance through continuous measurements of damage while monitoring the conditions driving corrosion

Confidence in Materials Selection

Enhance understanding of risk and performance when two dissimilar materials are paired in a corrosive environment

Which acuity system is right for you?

Developed in Partnership with the United States Department of Defense

Acuity corrosion monitoring systems have been developed through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to meet the evolving needs of our U.S. Armed Forces. 

Contact us to learn more about how Acuity systems are supporting defense organizations around the world.

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