Optimize Performance of Corrosion Materials & Processes

Acuity systems enhance accelerated corrosion tests and assessments of materials performance

Predict Material Performance through environmental monitoring

Corrosion performance tests and qualification methods exhibit unknown levels of variability that cause inaccurate prediction of material performance. Unpredictable performance is costly and detrimental to asset availability.

Acuity systems continuously record the environmental conditions that drive corrosion during accelerated and outdoor tests to enhance confidence when interpreting results. Receive continuous and reliable records of environment parameters throughout corrosion tests (salt loading, relative humidity, and temperature).

Determine cumulative severity of any environmental exposure

It is difficult to correlate the severity of different corrosive environments. Lack of correlation causes uncertainty when evaluating performance between service and test environments. 

Using a common metric, Acuity can determine the cumulative severity of any environmental exposure. Acuity provides highly sensitive and durable electrochemical measurements of severity in service environments, outdoor exposures, and accelerated test chambers. 

Introduce new coatings with Ease

Introducing new coatings into service is costly and time-consuming, often requiring long test times and extensive panel preparation.

Acuity can help accelerate testing times and reduce the burden of panel preparation using continuous and quantified measurements of performance.

In situ reporting of coating protective properties to expedite results of cyclic corrosion tests and outdoor exposures by up to 90%.

Improve assessments of corrosion performance

Improve assessments of corrosion performance through continuous measurements of damage while monitoring the conditions driving corrosion. 

Autonomous measurements of corrosion rates paired with environmental sensors to isolate the factors causing corrosion and capture when corrosion damage occurs.

Enhance Confidence in Materials Selection

Predicting the galvanic compatibility of dissimilar materials can be challenging when new materials are paired in a corrosive environment. Acuity systems can enhance your understanding of risk and performance when two dissimilar materials are paired in a  corrosive environment. 

Galvanic corrosion sensors of user-defined engineering materials provide a direct measure of corrosion performance in the field or during testing (CFRP, Aluminum Alloy, Titanium, Steel, and more)

Acuity Products for Materials & Processes

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