Limit the cost of corrosion inspection and repair

Increase uptime and reduce the cost of corrosion damage with continuous monitoring

Data-driven Maintenance

Time-based corrosion inspections and overhauls are often overly conservative, costly, and create aircraft shortages during inspection. 

Justify the need for more intrusive inspections based on actual environmental exposure. Acuity systems’ continuous and reliable corrosivity monitoring can help establish data-driven inspection programs.

Catch corrosion at its onset

Corrosion within the airframe can go undetected for long periods of time, resulting in unexpected damage and costly, time-consuming repairs. 

Acuity systems are compact and lightweight to detect corrosive conditions throughout an airframe to quickly take preventative action.

Pinpoint Operations Driving Corrosion

It is difficult to effectively implement preventative maintenance practices when specific operations driving corrosion are unknown. 

Acuity systems deliver time-based and uninterrupted insights into the effects of aircraft operations on corrosion.

Isolate environmental factors causing corrosion

It is not often understood which environmental factors cause corrosion within the airframe. Acuity’s full suite of corrosion parameters allow engineers to isolate the environmental factors causing corrosion and degradation of aircraft systems. 

Acuity’s corrosion sensors are paired with environmental sensors to isolate the factors degrading specific engineering alloys and galvanic couples.

Acuity Products for Maintenance Programs

Acuity LS

Acuity ES