Aircraft Corrosion Management

Limit the cost of corrosion inspection and repair while increasing aircraft availability

Reduce Manual Maintenance Hours

Justify the need for inspections and maintenance actions using corrosivity data from the aircraft.

Quantify the performance and benefits of corrosion protection and control technologies.​

Detect Corrosion in Hard-to-access Areas

Detect corrosive conditions throughout an airframe to quickly take preventative action.

Track environment spectra, corrosivity, and coating performance within an airframe.​

Improve Fleet-wide Management

Cumulative corrosion data is used to track the condition of each individual aircraft’s exposure to corrosive conditions. 

Identify Specific Corrosion-driving Environmental Factors

Isolate environmental factors that affect the long- and-short-term corrosion processes that degrade aerospace systems; structural, mechanical, and avionics. 

Connect on-aircraft environment spectra and corrosivity with base severity, and testing.​

Acuity products for Aerospace

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