Galvanic Compatibility Tool

Use the galvanic compatibility tool below to receive clear guidance on how to determine dissimilar materials compatibility per MIL-STD-889D

Galvanic Compatibility Tool - Luna Labs

Galvanic Compatibility Tool

Material Selection
Galvanic Compatibility
Galvanic Corrosion
Electrochemical Behavior
Self-corrosion Rates

Per MIL-STD-889D, this table should not be used to indicate the level of risk associated with the galvanic couple nor should it be used to determine the level of protection required to protect the conductive materials. The CEA or appropriate design authority will determine the necessary protection.

The corrosion rate was determined for conductive materials in a 1:1 surface area ratio, assuming bulk-immersion in simulated seawater as described in MIL-STD 889D.