Acuity LS

Autonomous corrosion monitoring in service environments

Transforming corrosion prevention and control

For corrosion management programs in need of more proactive and effective maintenance practices, Acuity LS offers continuous onboard monitoring with the advantage of capturing a full suite of environmental and corrosivity parameters.

Salt loadings, corrosion rates of alloys, and galvanic corrosion rates of dissimilar materials can be monitored in specific positions throughout a structure, providing insights to maintainers in a way that has never before been possible.

With Acuity LS, maintenance programs are able to address critical challenges impacting aircraft availability and corrosion maintenance costs including:

  • Deferring time-based corrosion inspections that may not be required
  • Detecting corrosive conditions within the airframe to prevent unexpected damage
  • Quantifying the effects of specific operations and perceived benefits of maintenance practices
  • Understanding which environmental factors are causing corrosion

Acuity LS Measurements


Acuity systems are compliant with the following standards: 

ANSI/NACE TM0416-2023

Test Method for Monitoring Atmospheric Corrosion

ISO 22858: 2020

Corrosion of metals and alloys - Electrochemical measurements - Test method for monitoring atmospheric corrosion

AMPP TM21449-2021

Continuous Measurements for Determination of Coating Protective Properties


Atmospheric Corrosion Monitoring Information Report

acuity LS Features

Qualified for flight safety

Collects data autonomously

Battery powered

Compact and lightweight sensor node

Health management systems integration

Full suite of corrosion parameters

Acuity LS System Benefits

For Maintenance Programs

Optimize inspection intervals

Detect unexpected corrosive conditions

Track effects of operations

Isolate Factors Causing Corrosion

For Materials & Processes

Monitor all Test Environments

Quantify test severity

Enhance confidence in materials selection

Accelerate coatings testing times

Acuity LS Parts

Assembled Device
LS Base
LS Lid Sensor Panel (LSP)
LS DAQ Communication Cable